Once you’ve secured a spot in the 2017 B&O Yorkville Run, it’s time to set up your personal fundraising page to let all your family and friends know who you’re running for and what your goal is. 

Fundraisers who raise more than $500 will be rewarded with luxury gifts from our sponsors and local Yorkville boutiques! 

In addition to the prizes below, the top three fundraising teams (consisting of three or more members) will be rewarded with $500-$1,500 gift certificates to various top Yorkville restaurants! More information can be found here under Team Fundraising.


Choose one of the following:

Title : Beoplay H3 Earphones- 2nd Generation

Value : $224

Description : BeoPlay H3 is a lightweight headphone with big, robust sound. A miniature bass port in the internal cabinet provides great performance even in low frequencies.26 air vents have been precision drilled into the housing of the earphones, which also reduce the weight, although their primary functions are to provide comfort and amazing acoustics.  The inline remote and microphone give you hassle-free control over your device right from the cord. The tangle resistant cord that makes H3 easy to grab and use without having to waste time untangling it - even if it has been stuffed into a pocket.

Choose one of the following:

Title : Beoplay H5 - Wireless earphones

Value : $337

Description : The Beoplay H5 wireless earphones deliver a smart, immersive listening experience with the power to take you anywhere. Equally at home out running, on the train to work or just hanging out, they deliver outstanding Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound that dynamically changes profile to suit your current activity.  Combined with an elegant splash and dust proof design, H5 bring the beauty of music into your active everyday life.

Choose one of the following:

Title : Beoplay H9 - New Over-Ear Wireless ANC Headphones

Value : $732

Description : In an increasingly loud and hectic world, people are looking for solutions that give them mobility and control. Music and powerful ANC can transform your experience when you’re on the go.
B&O PLAY uniquely pairs beauty and technical sound excellence.  Building upon the success of Beoplay H8 and by popular demand, we are launching Beoplay H9 - wireless ANC headphones in an over-ear wearing style. H9 has the same luxurious materials and touch interface as H8 with a more expressive and comfortable over-ear style.

Choose one of the following:

Title : Beoplay A6 - One Point Music System

Value : $1,240

Description :

A premium, one-point music system designed to fill the entire room with wide-staged sound.  The Beoplay A6 is the evolution of the classic stereo and a true innovation in sound.
Hand-Tuned to Bang and Olufsen's acclaimed signature sound, which brings you music the way artists intended, authentic and clean.  The Beoplay A6 looks as good as it sounds, clad in beautiful wool-blend fabrics from high-end manufacturer Kvadrat.  Multi-Room functionality allows you to connect multiple a6 units and/or bang and Olufsen BeoLink enabled systems for stereo perspective.
Streams from Bluetooth, Air-Play, DLNA, and Spotify connect. A6 is not battery powered, it must be connected to a power source.

Choose one of the following:

Title : BeoSound 1 Portable Speaker

Value : $2,350

Description :

The brand new BeoSound 1 includes a touch-sensitive operation wheel where you can join in on music from other BeoLink products, swipe between tracks or stations, turn up and down the volume or switch off the system. An integrated proximity sensor detects where you are coming from, so the operation is always turned in the correct direction for the user.  An uncomplicated, compact wireless music system, the BeoSound 1 requires only connection to the mains.

Choose one of the following:

Title : BeoSound 2 Wireless Speaker

Value : $2,915

Description : BeoSound 2 is a powerful wireless speaker system with a room-filling 360-degree sound performance, a sturdy yet unobtrusive aluminium design profile, integrated access to Spotify, Deezer, QPlay and TuneIn – and featuring the BeoLink Multiroom Technology that connects your Bang & Olufsen products in one wireless system across your home.  BeoSound 2 supports all the preferred wireless technologies: Bluetooth, AirPlay, Google Cast and DLNA. 

Choose one of the following:

Title : BeoVision Horizon 40

Value : $6,305

Description : BeoVision Horizon is essentially Bang & Olufsen’s take on domesticating technology, where the extremely versatile yet uncomplicated stand programme will provide you with a perfect solution for any lifestyle.  It offers a flexibility in visual expression, placement, and connectivity that it is perfectly suited to cover highly individual requirements.  It includes a Smart TV section based on the AndroidTM TV platform from GoogleTM. BeoVision Horizon provides you with unlimited access to thousands of hits, popular movies, and TV shows with exclusive titles - all on your TV screen.



If for some reason any of the above listed prizes are not available at time of claim, or if the price has increased, the B&O Yorkville Run reserves the right to supply a substitute prize of similar original value and description.

If you qualify for a fundraising prize, you must contact the Race Manager, Ainsley Hayes at ainsley@yorkvillerun.com, by September 15, 2017 with your selection. Once selections are received, all items will be ordered or purchased, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  All prizes must be picked up from Bang & Olufsen Yorkville (100 Davenport Road, Suite 100) and you will be notified of your pickup date.  If you do not pick up the item by the date provided or if alternative pick up arrangements have not been made, you will forfeit the prize.